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4Health Podcasts - 1753 SKINCARE

Our founder (Christopher Genberg) has now participated in Anna Sparre's Postcast, 4Health on three occasions. These episodes are great to listen to if you want to immerse yourself in the skin's microbial diversity, endocannabinoid system, and delicate ecosystem.

The podcast links:

Episode 330

  • Time to turn old truths upside down!
  • Three topics today, because they are closely related:
    1. The endocannbinnoid system – a very important body-specific signaling system
    2. The skin - and how we destroy it with everything we believed to be true about skin care
    3. The skin's endocannabinoid system is so important for healthy and beautiful skin, hence the connection between the substances

Episode 333

  • The endocannabinoid system (ECS) controls the body and our health in the most crucial and overarching ways, but has fallen into obscurity because of its name
  • How the endocannabinoid system works in the body and how it affects your health
  • Why do so many of us have an out of balance endocannabinoid system? And what then happens in the body?
    • What symptoms and diseases is it linked to?
    • How does it affect inflammation and aging?
  • How do we balance the ECS? And no, you don't have to get anywhere near hemp to balance your endocannabinoid system, there are things in diet, herbs, and lifestyle factors that we can do
  • But we will also find out why this plant is so controversial. And talk about the possibilities of adding CBD and CBG etc.
    • And what does the law actually say about CBD? Can you use it?
  • Of course, you will receive many concrete tips for your health

Episode 334

Questions and answers about the skin with Christopher Genberg
Here we cover things like acne, rosacea, sun protection, hair removal and more.
How does hair removal actually affect your skin, and which hair removal method is the best?
Is CBD legal worldwide? And what does Christopher think about sunscreen?

Here you get 25 minutes to listen to in the car, on the train or walking


Don't hesitate to get in touch if there are any questions or concerns.


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