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Cannabis vs. Marijuana vs. Hemp

Cannabis vs Marijuana vs Hampa - 1753 SKINCARE

Cannabis vs. Hemp vs. Marijuana 


This controversial leaf belongs to the Cannabis Sativa plant. However, there are different types of Cannabis and I thought I would now briefly explain the difference between the two most common types - Hemp and Marijuana.


First of all, it must be pointed out that Cannabis Sativa contains over 400 substances, but it is only one of these substances that has a psychoactive effect. This substance is called THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) and is the main reason why Cannabis is so controversial.


The difference between hemp and marijuana is quite simple. Cannabis Sativa is classified as hemp if it contains less than 0.2% THC (or 0.3% in the US) and as marijuana if it contains more than this amount of THC.


It is legal in Sweden (and Europe) to grow hemp but not to grow Marijuana. However, Sweden has an exception rule which means that all forms of THC are prohibited to buy or own. This means, for example, that CBD oil extracted from hemp with 0.2% THC is legal in Europe but not legal in Sweden.


If you buy or own a CBD oil with traces of THC, this is classified as drug possession. It is therefore important that you ensure that the Cannabinoid products you buy are completely free of THC.

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