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Forest vs Wheatfield - A story about the skin

Skog vs Vetefält - En berättelse om huden - Floranie Skincare

Imagine that you go out into a forest... What do you see around you? You probably see trees, bushes, flowers, moss, rocks, grass, insects and birds. This diversity of species forms what we call a forest.

If you are now given the task of taking care of this forest. If your goal is to make this forest survive... Then what do you need to do? Do you need to water? Do you need fertilizer?

Of course not... It's an absurd idea to have to water a forest. Why should you do that when the forest takes care of itself? If a bush dies, the tree will cover the bush. If a flower dies, the moss will cover the flower. Everything works as a harmonious ecosystem.

Now imagine that only 50 meters from the forest there is a wheat field. This wheat field receives exactly the same amount of rain and hours of sunshine as the forest. The difference is that this wheat field consists of only one species of wheat.

What do you need to do to take care of this wheat field? You must continuously both water and fertilize…

How come you have to take care of the wheat field but not the forest when both of these places have exactly the same conditions? This is because the forest consists of a variety of species while the wheat field consists of only one species.

If the wheat e.g. is attacked by pests, there are no other species that can help and cover up the infested crops. The pest will spread and strong pesticides are often required to slow its progress.

Comparing a forest to a field of wheat is the perfect analogy between healthy skin and unbalanced skin. A healthy skin is like a forest. A diversity of species (microbes) that live and thrive in and on our skin. This diversity reduces the risk of one species succeeding in taking over an area and thus creating inflammation in the skin. In addition, our endocannabinoid system acts as the roots of every single plant and tree that exists in the forest.

Unfortunately, more and more, especially women, especially in the Western world, have a wheat field in their face. They have lost the diversity of species on the skin and must therefore continuously water their skin (with e.g. hyaluronic acid) and fertilize their skin (with e.g. a moisturizer) in order for the skin to function reasonably well.

Our goal, and the goal that all skin care providers should have, is therefore very simple. We do everything we can to plan an imaginary forest on your face. When we contribute to a diversity of species, the skin takes care of itself. This contributes to short- and long-term healthy skin and is the ultimate goal of optimal skin health.

Stop using harsh cleansers, peels and masks that contribute to a field of wheat. Instead, start changing your lifestyle and use skin care that favors the skin's microbial diversity.



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