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Let's talk environmental impact...

Låt oss prata miljöpåverkan... - 1753 SKINCARE

120 billion packs per year. This is the total amount of beauty products thrown away globally. Every year. Let's talk about this number. 120 billion beauty packages. A large percentage of these packagings are those of skin care products that are completely unnecessary to everything and everyone (except the companies that make them).

Today, almost all skin care companies talk about their impact (or non-impact) on the environment. There are organic certifications here and carbon neutral certifications there. However, what many seem to miss is the fact that the best skin care product for the environment is the one that is never produced.

Regardless of how one stands on the question of man's impact on the global environmental impact, I think everyone agrees that unnecessary negative impact is an unnecessarily bad idea. Yet the media, journalists and society in general seem to miss the fact that the skin care industry is largely unnecessary. It is an industry that is largely built to keep people's skin "fairly healthy". Healthy enough that consumers continue to buy products, yet unbalanced enough that they must continue to use the products.

It organizes "sustainability events and large sustainability centers" with one hand while launching hundreds of new products per year with the other.

It just doesn't add up.

In order not to sound like a whiner who only complains and has no solution of his own, here is the answer to the question - "What is the solution then?".

The solution is closer than we think. Skincare providers need to start taking into account the research and information available when it comes to the structure of the skin and how the skin is structured purely evolutionary. One must begin to take into account the skin's ecosystem, which does not consist solely of skin cells, but a delicate combination of skin cells, microbes, the endocannabinoid system and other signaling systems. The suppliers must stop marketing substances that should not naturally be present on the skin and only provide short-term results.

Then why hasn't this already happened you ask?

This answer is also simple. If the skin care industry had absorbed this information, they would have had to slim down their range by at least 98%. They had had to reduce the number of packages from 120 billion packages to 2.4 billion packages and thus reduce their turnover considerably

Since we live on an economic planet, this will of course not happen automatically. The skin care industry will fight for its survival by any means possible. The only way this change can happen is if we consumers demand change. We simply have to say enough is enough. Only then can we really bring about a positive change.


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