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Several different human species

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Today, for the vast majority of people, it is completely obvious that we humans who live on earth only consist of one human species. In addition to our species, there are a large number of other species such as plants and animals. Although this is a matter of course today, it has not always been so.



The truth is that 300,000 years ago we (Homo Sapiens) were only one of several human species living side by side on earth. Scientists still find it very difficult to determine exactly how many human species have existed, but it is certain that there have been at least 7 other species.

For a long time, the Neanderthals were the most common human species in Europe. These people may have been either their own species or a subspecies of us, Homo Sapiens. Their very powerful and compact build meant they were physically much stronger than we are. Their brain was a little bigger than ours and traces have been found that indicate a good social ability. It has also been established that the Neanderthals had fair skin with highly variable pigmentation. The Neanderthals became extinct about 40,000 years ago and there are several different theories about why this happened. Possible causes are increased competition from other human species, diseases or a consequence of climate change.

The last (and last) human species known to us,
before us, are called Denisovans. These people lived until about 15,000 years ago and there is a lot of evidence that shows that this species was relatively similar to us. There are also studies that show that some people even today have a few percent of this species in their DNA.



There are several different theories about why this extinction of the other species happened, but regardless of what the cause was, it can be stated that the ability of our species (Homo Sapiens) to survive is fantastic. Our human evolution has given us the ability to overcome a large number of obstacles to get to where we are today.



Even if in some cases we have had to be selfish and think about our own interests, we have above all had to cooperate with other species in our environment. We have had to be part of the fantastic biological diversity in which all the earth's species are included. The moment we began to grow crops, we began to depart from our cooperation with other species... We began to depart from our evolutionary way of life.



Here below you see a number of examples of how our modern way of life tries to "trick evolution":



1. We eat a lot of sugar. We depend on sugar as we needed this extra energy for our survival as hunters and gatherers. When we saw an apple, we were triggered to eat it to get extra energy. Today, we have access to an almost unlimited amount of sugar and this therefore damages our health instead.

2. We are indoors 90% while eating less and less nutritious food. Instead, we try to replace our presence with nature and the nutritious food with nutritional supplements and medicines.

3. We use strong skin care products ( cleansers and peels) to remove the skin's natural oils and replace them with, often, synthetic ingredients.

Our species is amazing. It has undergone an evolutionary journey that has made us survive when other species have died out. It is time for us to realize this and work with our body instead of against it.

We should start living up to the name of our species. Homo – Human – Sapiens – Wise… We must become wiser in our life choices and this must happen NOW!




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