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The fatal failure of the skin care and pharmaceutical industry

Hudvårds och läkemedelsindustrins fatala misslyckande - 1753 SKINCARE
After spending a few minutes waiting at a pharmacy, you quickly realize that an exceptionally large number of people have problems with their skin. The solution from the skin care and pharmaceutical industry is (and has long been) to "alleviate the symptoms". Even though they recommend paracetamol for pain, they recommend various creams, serums and ointments with strong substances that relieve "skin symptoms" in the short term.

This is where the dilemma lies. If we feel pain, we do not have a paracetamol deficiency in the body, and if we have acne/eczema/rosacea/premature signs of aging, we do not have a deficiency of, for example, tetracyclines or retinol. There are underlying reasons why the pain or skin diseases occur.

Then why doesn't the skin care industry work to influence the root cause of skin conditions? The answer is called 💰. Last year, the skin care industry had a global turnover of SEK 1,700 billion. These numbers and constant growth are based on merely relieving the symptoms without  curing the underlying causes. You want the skin to be reasonably healthy until it gets sick again.

Why are there no protests against this incredibly horrible system? This is mainly because anyone who could raise the issue (beauty journalists, skin care manufacturers, etc.) literally gets their salary based on this system. However, one cannot judge any individual person.

Everyone needs to be able to pay their bills, but the system still needs to change fundamentally. As long as we run business as usual, our "modern" skin health will continue to collapse.


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